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Cloud NetManager

Perfect wireless LAN management for any size of business

  • Controller-free WLAN management
  • WLAN management as SaaS
  • Fits perfectly for subsidiary retailing business
  • Automatic activation without technical staff

Cloud NetManager

The Cloud NetManager is a scalable multitenant system capable of managing both very small and very large networks distributed across numerous locations.

Product Description

Two solutions - a single objective


  • Cloud NetManager, controller-free wireless network management from the cloud.
  • bintec WLAN Controller, the traditional solution.

Cloud NetManager for IT vendors

Systems integrators who manage networks for a number of different clients gain new business opportunities and enjoy greatly simplified installations. This concept puts the focus on the fact that not only hardware is being sold, but also a service.

Key facts:


  • Wireless network management via SaaS with independent user accounts
  • Multitenant WLAN management as virtual solution
  • Seamless monitoring of all networks
  • The management interface can be operated anywhere there is internet access - without the trouble of establishing a VPN connection

Cloud manager for branch locations

For companies with numerous different locations such as multi-store retailers and chains, installation and monitoring local installations is greatly simplified. You can configure Cloud NetManager so that factory-fresh devices automatically download the latest configuration when they connect to the local network and are ready-to-go right away. This reduces the resources spent on local IT specialists and on-site maintenance contracts.

Key facts:


  • Zero touch configuration
  • No local IT personnel required
  • Devices are ready to use immediately
  • Monitoring all locations at a glance

Flexible performance analysis

The bintec elmeg Dashboard gives you a single source for convenient access to important performance data, error messages, and notifications for your network. Here you will find information on current and historical network performance. With this information, you can see at all times whether your network is working properly or experiencing excessive loads.

In addition to this overview, you can also view performance data and statistics on the individual access points and connected wireless clients at any time. The interface is similar to the Dashboard and displays the key load parameters.

Information security and availability

The managed device communicates with the Cloud NetManager exclusively via encrypted SSL connections. The Cloud NetManager runs on one of the most modern and powerful data centers in Europe. This data center utilizes a redundant cluster architecture based on Microsoft Azure.

This Microsoft data center is located in Ireland and fulfills all European data protection requirements. The data center is certified in accordance with ISO 27001, ISO 27002, and ISO/IEC 270184 for compliance with data protection regulations among other things and is audited by the British Standard Institution (BSI) annually.

Fair and flexible licensing model

Users can set up as many accounts as desired at no additional cost.

Please find the free-of-charge registration here:

A paid license is required to manage a device.

Licenses are available with one, three, or five-year terms and must be renewed upon expiration. Discounted bulk licensing packages are available for projects (1, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 devices). The paricular about the licence is, that you are able to install any desired number of licences resp. licence packages at your Cloud NetManager account. The Cloud NetManager fetches a licence from the for this purpose created licence pool, when a device management is requested. Only when a licence has been fetched from the pool, the duration of the licence starts. If a device will be deleted, the licence will be returned to the pool again. So you only pay for what you actually need.


Flexible identification methods for new devices

Every device that registers on the local network for the first time and has a gateway address automatically attempts to communicate with the Cloud NetManager via secure SSL connection. In the process, the device`s product name and serial number are communicated to the Cloud NetManager. To ensure that registered administrators can configure a device and in essence take ownership of it, there are a number of different identification methods.


  • The manual method: The administrator looks for the specific device based on its serial number in a list of devices not yet being managed. What is known as a DVC (device verification code) has been affixed to the outside of the device. It must be entered once together with the serial number of the access point in order to take ownership of the device.
  • Importing a CSV file: The administrator imports a CSV file that contains a list of serial numbers and DVC codes, thus taking ownership of devices which have already been detected.
  • Automatic detection (zero touch configuration): The local DCHP server uses the DHCP option to transmit a unique identification string for each customer. The device identifies itself independently with the aid of this identification string to the Cloud NetManager and is thus automatically allocated to the correct customer. In cases in which the customer has stored a default configuration file, the device automatically loads it and is immediately ready to go.

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