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WO-Bridgelink Bundle II

Bridging larger outdoor distances

  • For wireless links at distances of up to 1200 m
  • Dual stream in 5 GHz frequency band for high transfer rates
  • 20 dBm dual polarization antennas
  • Outdoor installation of access points on a mast
  • All necessary components included in the box

WO-Bridgelink Bundle II

The WLAN Bridgelink Bundle is designed to establish outdoor wireless links. In addition to two IP65-rated bintec WO1003ac access points, the bundle also includes all the necessary components to mount the equipment outdoors.

Order number

5510000445 WO-Bridgelink Bundle II

Product description

The bundles include all the necessary components to successfully establish a wireless link using IEEE 802.11ac technology. These components provide solid performance at distances of up to 1200 m.

The following components are included:


  • 2x bintec WO1003ac (item no. 5510000378)
  • 2x outdoor antenna 20 dB/5 GHz (item no. 5500000551)
  • 4x antenna cable N/N 0.5 m (item no. 5500001764)
  • 4x lightning arrestor N-N (item no. 600499)
  • 2x gigabit PoE injector (item no. 5530000338)
  • 2x mast mounting bracket for WO-series (item no. 5520000144)

Tips for improving range

Switch the bandwidth from 80 MHz to 20 MHz, use only one stream.

Installation notes


  • The line of sight between the devices must be free of obstacles. Otherwise, a different location must be selected or the antenna height must be increased. For distances of up to 1200 m, the antenna height must be at least 4 m.
  • The antenna ports ANT1-1 and ANT1-2 on the access points are connected to the antenna. It doesn`t matter which of the antenna`s ports is used.
  • If the antenna is mounted in an exposed area that is at risk of lightning strikes, it must be grounded and overvoltage protection (item no. 600499) must be installed. The antenna and the antenna mast must use at least 16 mm2 copper for equipotential bonding. The surge arrestor provides additional protection for the AP and has to be connected with at least 1.5 mm2 copper to the building earthing system. The lightning arrestor must be installed on both antenna lines and preferably installed near the spot where the antenna line enters the building or close to the access point when mounting the AP outdoors. In case of uncertainty, an expert in lightning protection should be consulted.

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