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bintec XAdmin

Software tool for centrally controlled mass rollout

  • Client server system
  • Management of digital certificates
  • Reliability by "hot stand-by"
  • Flexible user concept, multi-user capable
  • Integrated certification server
  • Automated update of configurations
  • Merge of existing configuration parts

bintec XAdmin

The XAdmin client-server application is suitable for centrally administered mass rollouts and maintenance operations (such as software and configuration updates) for large deployments. Access to the devices occurs either via IP or GSM.

Product description

The XAdmin software tool is a solution that bintec elmeg GmbH created to configure and service a large number of routers quickly, easily and reliably. Thus, XAdmin makes an important contribution towards reducing costs considerably for larger-scale projects. Thanks to its centrally controlled user console, XAdmin makes it possible to automate mass rollouts and to service large router installations. This effectively eliminates the need to configure the routers in advance and it is usually no longer necessary to commission the services of specialized technicians on the customer`s premises.

Apart from simplifying and accelerating the configuration process, XAdmin supports the administrator in the central administration and backup of the configuration data. At the click of a mouse on the corresponding router, XAdmin reveals all the relevant configuration information.

The configuration process is very easy to control on the basis of extensive log files. This information indicates the current status of the configuration task and can also be used for troubleshooting when the configuration is not performed correctly.

XAdmin Services

XAdmin is a centrally controlled business process designed to automate mass rollouts and service larger-scale router installations. The routers can be delivered in firmware status and configured by a central location. The software can also take charge of automatic mass or single updates for changes in router configuration and software images easily and reliably. Access to XAdmin is available via a Web-based user interface, which allows access from anywhere in the local network. To operate the routers at individual locations, all that has to be done is to connect them by IP or GSM. The actual router configuration is performed by XAdmin from a central location, which eliminates inconsistent configurations in individual branch offices. If neccessary, partial configurations of the router can be adopted.

The different configuration tasks, such as downloading the current configuration or feeding in a software update, are defined as processes and can be initiated on a time-related basis. Informative log files are generated for all the processes.

All the information on the individual client routers is stored in a central database. This makes it possible to extend the number of routers used in the system quickly and easily. Even in the case of a hardware failure, the new router can be conveniently configured with the information that has already been stored. For dynamic adaptations or existing configuration files, there is also an option that allows you to make manual entries in the configuration files or to import files into the database.

The system features include, among others,


  • Multi-user administration system
  • Automated performance of event-controlled new configurations as well as software and configuration updates
  • Inventory of existing and new so-called target routers added to the system
  • Off-line generation of configuration profiles using the administrator frontend
  • Import of configuration parameters in CSV format
  • Success checks, logging and reporting



XAdmin user interface

XAdmin is accessed via a Web-based user interface. All that is required is a Web browser and the IP address of the XAdmin server. The XAdmin user interface can be accessed by entering a username and a password.



XAdmin rollout scenario

An automated rollout using XAdmin can be performed as follows:


  • The router is sent to the end customer via a parcel service. The project-specific basic configuration creates an IP connection to the XAdmin.
  • Controlled by time or event, XAdmin calls the client router, which is not yet configured, and automatically performs the configuration and a software update, if necessary, according to pre-defined profiles.
  • XAdmin controls the client by time or event and automatically carries out the configuration and, if necessary, the software update according to predefined profiles.
  • The successful configuration is verified and documented in log files and reports.
  • The router base installed is inventoried in the database.



XAdmin system requirements

XAdmin is a client-server application. A complete system consists of the XAdmin server, the clients from which the configurations are initiated and monitored, and a central router if GSM is used. The server and central router are integrated into the local network in the company`s head offices. Thanks to client-server technology, the client PCs can be positioned at different locations in the local network. The central router is not part of the XAdmin system.

Server Requirements:


  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, 11 and 12
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and Cent OS) 5, 6 and 7
  • CPU: 3 GHz or faster
  • Main memory: at least 1 GB RAM, 2 GB recommended
  • LAN interface:100 Mbit/s Ethernet
  • Mass memory: RAID-System (recommended)
  • The ”High Availability” system requires free hard disk space of 500 GByte


Client Requirements:


  • IP connection to XAdmin
  • Web browser


Central Router Requirements for GSM/UMTS usage:


  • ISDN connection BRI
  • bintec router


Supported clients

Following devices are supported by XAdmin:


  • be.IP plus
  • be.IP world
  • be.IP 4ISDN
  • RS123 Serie
  • RS353 Serie
  • RXL Serie
  • RS1800
  • RM3000 Serie
  • RM5000 Serie
  • RM7000 Serie
  • RXL14000
  • H2 Auto



Demo Version

XAdmin is available in three licensing stages for 150, 500 as well as for an unlimited number of routers. For the best possible service and support, it is also necessary to purchase hotline support.

To provide the customer with a first impression of the operating ease and features the product offers, bintec elmeg GmbH has created a 90-day demo version of XAdmin, limited to 10 routers. Further information on how to get a demo version is available from your local bintec elmeg GmbH sales staff or under telephone number +49 911 9673-0.

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