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bintec 4Ge-LE

The ultimate 4G-LTE-peripheral device for any router

  • Easy option to equip new / existing routers with LTE (4G)
  • Compatible to nearly all routers. Not producer-bound
  • No management necessary - Setup in the connected router
  • Small and discreet – you nearly don´t see it
  • Power supply by PoE or PSU
  • Wall mounting for easy and secure fixing

bintec 4Ge-LE

The bintec 4Ge is an innovative 4G problem solver, which allows to equip existing IT networks with 4G. The installation outside of server racks leads to significant improved 4G connections.

The innovative LTE (4G) problem solver

The bintec 4Ge is an affordable extension unit that allows owners of existing router infrastructures to retrofit their systems with LTE (4G) connectivity. The 4Ge accomplishes this by simply connecting to the router through a 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port. Once connected, all further configurations can be easily carried out on the router itself. Thanks to the use of standard protocols, the 4Ge is compatible with most routers regardless of the manufacturer. The device gets its power either by means of the included Power over Ethernet injector or an external power supply. The housing includes an integrated wall mount allowing quick and easy installation. The 4Ge also comes equipped with a Kensington slot so you can secure your hardware against theft.

Applications and benefits of the bintec 4GE at a glance

Enterprise routers are usually located inside the server room. But that`s a place where mobile data coverage is rarely available - and if it is, the signal is normally not strong enough for broadband speeds. The poor signal can result in data transfers slowing to a crawl.
To ensure this does not happen to you, simply install the bintec 4GE outside the server room at the location with the best 4G signal. The bintec 4Ge then establishes a high-speed LTE (4G) connection that is available on the company`s Ethernet network.

  • The easy way to retrofit existing routers with LTE.
  • No separate management interface required - all settings can be made directly on the router.
  • Thanks to the use of standard protocols which are compatible with most routers, no vendor lock-in.
  • Power is obtained from PoE or a power supply.
  • Small and unobtrusive - for inconspicuous installations in business settings.
  • Wall-mountable for simple and secure installation.
Supported standards
Support of LTE - 4G (download rate up to 100 Mbps, upload rate up to to 50 Mbps), UMTS 3.5G (HSPA+), GPRS, Edge and GSM
LTE(4G) bands
800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
UMTS (3.5G) / EDGE - GPRS (2G) bands
850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
1x 10/100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet
SIM card slot
1x SIM Card Slot (Mini SIM 2ff) accessible from outside
External LTE-UMTS antenna connectors
Two SMA antenna connectors for external LTE-UMTS antenna
Power connection
1x for external Powersupply
Power consumption
approx. 5 Watt
Plastic case incl. preparation for Kensington lock and wall mounting
Approx. 145 mm x 50 mm x 160 mm (W x H x D)
0,3 kg
Reset button
Restart or reset to factory state possible
Status LEDs
Power, Status, 2x Ethernet, LAN, WLAN
Wall mounting
Integrated in housing
Temperature range: Operational 0°C to 45°C; storage -25°C to 70°C; Max. rel. humidity 5 - 90% (non condensing)
Power supply (not included in the scope of delivery)
External power supply 110-240V / 12 V DC, 1.0 A, with energy efficient switching controler;
Fanless design therefor high MTBF
Desktop operation
Possible, rubber pad included the package
Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af client. RJ45 Gbit Ethernet connector
PoE class
max. 12,95W
Quick start guide
Quick Installation Guide in German and English
Installation Poster
Guide for the Installation
Ethernet cable
1x Ethernet cable, 2m
1x PoE Injector + power cable
LTE/ UMTS antenna
Two LTE/ UMTS 2dBi quad-band omni-directional antennas
Screws and rawlplug
For wall-mounting
2 year manufacturer warranty
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