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Security Bulletin

The bintec elmeg GmbH Security Belletin inform the customer regularly about known security risks in the environment of the bintec and elmeg products and it shows necessary procedures for the remedy of these security vulnerability resp. for minimizing the security risk.

Title ID Date Version File
Multiple Vulnerability Issues in Implementation of ISAKMP Protocol 2005-11-14-001-ipa 14.03.2006 1.0 security_bulletin_2005-11-14-001-ipa.txt
Multiple DNS implementations vulnerable to cache poisoning (US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#800113) 2008-07-28-001-ipa 07.08.2008 1.0 security_bulletin_2008-07-28-001-ipa.txt
Portable SDK for UPnP Devices (libupnp) contains multiple buffer overflows in SSDP (US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#922681) 2013-02-04 04.02.2013 1.0 security_bulletin_2013-02-05_advisory.txt
OpenSSL 'Heartbleed' vulnerability (CERT Vulnerability Note VU#720951) 2014-04-14 14.04.2014 1.0 security_bulletin_2014-04-14_OpenSSL-Heartbleed_bintec-elmeg.txt
GNU Bash shell executes commands in exported functions in environment variables (CERT Vulnerability Note VU#252743) 2014-10-28 28.10.2014 1.0 security_bulletin_2014-10-28_Bash-Bug_bintec-elmeg.txt
W2022ac(-ext) - Vulnerability of used open source modules - not relevant for W2022ac 2019-11-13 13.11.2019 1.0 security_bulletin_2019-11-13_W2022ac.pdf
WLAN Vulnerability Kr00k (CVE-2019-15126) 2020-02-02 02.02.2020 1.0 Security_bulletin_02_02_2020.pdf





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