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ISDN TE-Adapter

ISDN TE Adapter for be.IP plus

  • Converts internal to external ISDN interface
  • be.IP plus compatible

ISDN TE-Adapter

The ISDN TE adapter converts an internal ISDN interface of the be.IP plus into an external ISDN interface. Infrastructures can therefore use ALL IP hardware such as be.IP plus while operating on an ISDN connection.

Due to the fact that migration from ISDN to ALL-IP will not take place simultaneously in all regions, the ISDN TE adapter comes in handy where ISDN connections are still used but the customer already wants to operate a future-proof ALL IP hardware. Thus enables the roll-out of a standardized hardware even in large infrastructures across different sites.

ISDN TE-Adapter
Aktive interface for be.IP plus to convert an internal ISDN interface to an external ISDN interface (NT to TE)
be.IP plus from serial number BE2CAD016090001
LxWxD: 19 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm
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