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WLAN Bridgelink Bundle W2003ac

Outdoor wireless links

  • For radio links with up to 200 m distance
  • 802.11ac dual stream technique in 5 GHz band
  • Dual polarization antennas permit high throughput rates
  • Mounting of access points indoor
  • `Out-of-the-Box` - contains all required components

WLAN Bridgelink Bundle W2003ac

The WLAN Bridgelink Bundle is designed for establishing outdoor wireless links. The bundle includes two W2003ac-ext access points and all the necessary components.

Article Number: 5510000446 WLAN-Bridge Bundle W2003n

Product Description

The bundle contains all required components to setup a radio link by using the 802.11ac technology. Very good result can be archive by using the components from the bundle for radio links with up to 200 m distance. We suggest for larger distances the Dual-Polarization antenna (ANT-N-20-5G-dualpol part number 5500000551).

Hints to improve the operating distance:


  • Use shorter cables, to reduce the cable loss

  • Use a antenna with higher gain (ANT-N-20-5G-dualpol Artikelnr. 5500000551)
  • Select 20 MHz bandwidth instead 80 MHz, or use only one stream.

Hints for installation


  • The link must be free from any obstacles (free line of sight). If necessary a different location must be used or the antenna height must be increased. For 200 m distance a antenna height of 2 m is recommend.


  •  The antenna connectors of the access point ANT1-1 and ANT1-2 are connected to the antenna. It makes no difference which antenna socket is used.

  •  The access point must be mounted inside of the building to protect the devices against humidity.

  •  The bundle doesn`t contain a surge arrestor because this small antenna will be mounted in most cases protected under a wide roof projection.

  •  In case the antenna is mounted freely at a place with a highly risk of lighting strike the antenna must be grounded and surge arrestor must be used. The antenna or rather the antenna pole must be connected with 16 mm2 CU or more to the potential equalization. The Surge Arrestor protect the AP and must connected to the grounding of the building with 1,5 mm 2 CU or more. The surge arrestor must be inserted in both antenna cables, usually close to the place where the antenna cable is leaving the building. In some cases it is advisable to consult a specialist for lighting protection.

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