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bintec elmeg Webfilter

Professional web content filter for your network

  • Global cloud-based service
  • Geo diverse servers for 99,5% availability and low
  • Easy to use blacklist and whitelist access control
  • Protection from malware, ransomware and geo-relate
  • False positives < 0,1%
  • 24 x 7 service monitoring & professional support
  • For single and multi location solutions

bintec elmeg Webfilter

The bintec elmeg Webfilter is a cloud-based Internet filtering and malware mitigation technology for businesses, schools and local Government. It requires no additional hardware or software and is easily integrated with bintec elmeg access devices.

Product description

The bintec web filter is based on an individually filtered DNS server. The setup on your bintec router or bintec elmeg be.IP is done in a few minutes and is supported by a configuration wizard.
Using the cloud-based Web Filter Management Portal, the administrator of the customer network configures which content categories are to be allowed or blocked. For customers with more than one location, the configuration of the Web Filter Management Portal can be done centrally for all locations.

About webfilter technology

The filtering mechanism uses DNS techniques that by nature have low impact on the Internet performance. The Web Filter examines only the small DNS packets that are required for each access to data over the Internet. This does not cause delays or data downloads and ensures that HTTPS pages are analyse and blocked if necessary. The bintec elmeg Web Filter automatically identifies the category that is retrieved by the user - this makes it easier to define the filter rules.

The HTTPS secured access to the Web Filter Management Portal allows easy and secure access for the administrator. Here the filter rules can be defined to monitor or block the traffic. The filter rules can be set for specific periods, either for each day or only for specific days of the week. The bintec elmeg Web Filter may also block access to known websites containing malware or ransomware, or block websites from certain countries that are often associated with cyber-attacks. Unintentional blocking of web pages can be efficiently prevented by several methods to allow users unlimited browsing. Once a week, the web filter provides the network administrator a report on the usage of the network including the content categories. These statistics are also accessible in the Management Portal and are stored for six months.

The primary DNS server of the bintec elmeg Webfilter is located in Frankfurt am Main. Additionaly geographically distributed server farms used to provide  high availability and a low delay in situations of high load.

A free test license for 15 days is at your disposal. Please note the corresponding link.


Key features


  • Data Packet Latency: 0ms (zero - no impact)
  • DNS Packet Latency: Typically 10-50ms
  • Cloud availability: 99,9% (excludes your local connection)
  • Hardware deployed: bintec Router or a bintec elmeg be.IP
  • Software deployed: None
  • Set-up time: Typically 15 minutes
  • Support: Trouble ticket system or according yourbintec elmeg partner contract
  • Quick Start Guide: Online Workshop
  • Language support: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French
  • Pricing Model: The licence allow a dedicate number of concurrent users.
  • License Terms: 1 and 3 years
  • License package for 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 concurrent users
  • Authentication of whether a router can use the web filter is based on the public IP address
  • Static and dynamic public IP addresses can be used for authentication
  • License packages for 50  concurrent users support one public IP address
  • License packages for 100 concurrent users support up to two public IP addresses
  • The license packages for 250, 500 and 1000 concurrent users supported up to four public IP addresses (e.g. for Backup lines)
  • Content Control: 54 content categories, 0,1% false positives
  • Blacklist - customization: Yes. Provides additional recommendations on alternative blocks to achieve desired mitigation (eg specific CDN'S, related domains to consider, etc.)
  • Whitelist: Yes
  • App Control: Yes. Control of App's as well as domains and IP addresses
  • Safe Search: Yes. Google, BING, YouTube
  • Geo blocking: Exclude high risk countries or build walled garden of safe countries to surf
  • Threat Control: Ransomware, Virus, Trojans, Botnets & others
  • Illegal Control: Illegal sexual activities, drugs, software piracy, copyright infringements (music, video, etc.)
  • Actions: Block, monitor, log, schedule (see next)
  • Scheduling: Scheduling of access policy can be varied automatically by time of day, day of the week for each content category
  • History: 6 months
  • User Requested Over-rides: Process approval of unblocking web pages
  • Companies there has multiple locations can manage all locations under one central account (login)

The filter supports 54 categories.
Black/ Whitelist
Manually configurable lists in order to prohibit (blacklist) or allow (whitelist) specific websites.
Time-based policies
Flexible definition of time intervals. Filtering by time of day, weekday etc.
Websites can be blocked due to their geographical location.
Extensive monitoring and statistics. Allowed requests, blocked requests, requests per time interval, requests per country etc.
Filters images and videos of Google, BING, Youtube
Static / dynamic IP-adresses
The registration of the webfilter service is possible for WAN connections with static and as well with dynamic IP addresses.
IPv4 / IPv6
The filer can be used in IPv4 and IPv6 networks.
Required hardware for the license 50/100/250/500 user
be.IP-Serie, RSxx3-Serie, R1202, RT1202, RXL12x00 with version 10.1.27.p4 or higher
Required Hardware for the license with 1000 usern
RXL12x00 with version 10.1.27.p4 or higher

License for 1 year:

  • Part number: 5500002096 Webfilter License for 50 user / 1 year
  • Part number: 5500002097 Webfilter License for 100 user / 1 year
  • Part number: 5500002307 Webfilter License for 250 user / 1 year
  • Part number: 5500002308 Webfilter License for 500 user / 1 year
  • Part number: 5500002098 Webfilter License for 1000 user / 1 year

License for 3 year:

  • Part number: 5500002099 Webfilter License for 50 user / 3 years
  • Part number: 5500002100 Webfilter License for 100 user / 3 years
  • Part number: 5500002309 Webfilter License for 250 user / 3 years
  • Part number: 5500002310 Webfilter License for 500 user / 3 years
  • Part number: 5500002101 Webfilter License for 1000 user / 3 years

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