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bintec DIME Manager

Software-Tool for Central Management over LAN

  • .NET based
  • LAN discovery and IP basic configuration with SNMP multicast
  • Client support and site management
  • Firmware updates and configuration simply by drag & drop
  • Site independent usage in remote sites
  • Administration of all via IP accessible devices
  • Monitoring of firmware versions, uptime, current state, etc.

bintec DIME Manager

With its DIME Manager, Teldat provides a free tool for the management of devices from the bintec series. It is also possible to manage devices outside the LAN via VPN.

The .NET-based DIME Manager is designed for administrators managing networks of up to 50 bintec devices. The management tool simplifies the administration and configuration of routers or access points by offering both individual management and management of logical groups.

The primary aim in developing the DIME Manager was to achieve simple and efficient operation. For example, it is possible to apply firmware updates easily via drag &amp, drop to individual devices or entire groups. Moreover, configurations of one device can be transferred to another one simply by drag &amp, drop.

The DIME Manager detects and manages new devices in the network by means of SNMP multicasts, independent of their current IP address. The device discovery also finds devices connected to the LAN via VPN. Thus, the DIME Manager permits the administration of routers or access points in outlets, subsidiaries, or home offices. Devices not located in the VPN can be added to the DIME Manager manually via their IP address.

Moreover, the DIME Manager permits monitoring of firmware versions, uptime, current state, etc.

Management is possible for devices from the bintec R / TR / W and WI series with firmware release 7.8.7 and higher.

The DIME Manager is here available free of charge.

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