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bintec SFP-LC-SX

for bintec RS123x, RXL12xxx and ESW4000 switches

  • 1000Base-SX Standard
  • Supports 50 μm / 62,5 μm Multimode Fiber
  • Hot-Plugable
  • Full Duplex Mode

bintec SFP-LC-SX

- 1000Base-SX Standard - Supports 50μm Fiber 62,5μm Multimode Fiber - Hot-Plugable - Full Duplex Mode

Product Description

  1000Base-SX SFP-Module for the bintec RS123x, bintec RXL-Serie and bintec ESW4000 Switches to connect to fibre. Supports 62,5 µm and 50 µm Multimode Fiber (MMF). wave lenght 850nm. Max. distance 275m / 550m

bintec SFP-LC-SX Part number 5530000189

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