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Vehicle Roof Antenna for LTE, GPS and WIFI

  • For direct connection to bintec vehicle router
  • Mobile radio band: 700 MHz - 2700 MHz
  • WLAN band: 2400 - 2500 MHz / 5150 - 5850 MHz
  • Suitable for vehicle roof mounting


ANT-Vehicle-4G-GPS-WIFI is a rugged multiband antenna for LTE (MIMO), GPS as well as wireless LAN (MIMO) and is designed for roof mounting on vehicles.

Product Description

This multifunctional antenna consists of five single antennas which are integrated in one antenna housing. The mobile communications antenna is a MIMO antenna with circular radiation characteristic and covers frequency range for GSM, DECT, UMTS, 3G, 4G (LTE). The Wi-Fi antenna is also a MIMO antenna with circular radiation characteristic and operates in both 2.4 as well as 5 GHz frequency band. The fifth antenna is an active GPS antenna. For antenna installation, a drilling hole on the vehicle roof is needed. For easier mounting, all five antenna cables are three meters long. The antenna connectors enable direct connection to bintec vehicle router (H2 Automotive+).

Mobile Radio (MIMO) Frequency
704-960 MHz 1710-2690 MHz
Mobile Radio (MIMO) Gain
6,9 dBi@700-960 MHz (1m cable) 4,0 dBi@1710-2170 MHz (1m cable) 2,7 dBi@2300-2690 MHz (1m cable)
Mobile Radio (MIMO) Cable
RG58 3 m
Mobile Radio (MIMO) Connectors
2 x SMA
WLAN (MIMO) Frequency
2400-2500 MHz 5100-5850 MHz
3,9dBi@2400-2500 MHz (1m cable) 3,3dBi@5100-5850 MHz (1m cable)
Mobilfunk (MIMO) Cable
RG58 3 m
WLAN (MIMO) Connector
2 x RP-SMA
GPS Frequency
1575,42 MHz (L1, GPS) 1602 MHz (Glonass)
GPS Gain
GPS Cable
RG174 3 m
GPS Connector
103 mm
43,5 mm
Necessary Locking Drill Hole
19,3 mm

Part number: 5500001719

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