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bintec RT Series Performance

Frequently used at branch locations or in home offices, the new bintec RT-series devices boast exceptional IPSec encryption performance thanks to the integrated High End Encryption Engine.

The performance in a specific scenario, however, depends on packet size, the encryption algorithm, the number of active or configured tunnels, the firewall settings, and other factors. That makes it difficult to provide universally valid data transfer speeds. Depending on the configuration, the actual data rates can vary from specifications.

The information provided represents net transfer rates before taking into consideration any overhead resulting from TCP and UDP headers, Ethernet frames, etc.

The bintec RT series devices were tested with software version 7.9.1. Measurements were performed using the SmartBits 600B network performance analysis system from Spirent.

IPSec Throughput Mbps (3DES/AES256)
Packet size 1400 1024 512 256 128 64
Net Transfer Rates Mbps 83,63 64,16 33,01 15,02 7,37 3,21

Routing Transfer Rate Mbps
Packet size 1518 1024 512 256 128 64
Net Transfer Rates Mbps 195,01 193,23 185,12 172,01 144,43 65,24

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