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elmeg S560

A communications marvel for bintec elmeg systems

  • 8-line graphic display with LED backlight
  • Four-way controller for navigation
  • Flexible S0 / Up0 interface
  • S0 output for second telephone
  • 15 function keys with two-colour LEDs
  • Accepts up to three T500 modules of 30 keys each
  • Fixed function keys for important features

elmeg S560

The elmeg S560 is a high-end system telephone for use with hybird systems. Equipped with a flexible Up0/S0 interface, a large 8-line graphic display, and 16 programmable function keys, the S560 can accept up to three T500 key expansion modules.

Product description

The S560 system telephone was conceived to master demanding and complex communication scenarios with ease. The 8-line, backlit, adjustable-angle graphic display with its two softkeys gives users quick access to features such as internal telephone directory search, call routing management, and more. The 15 programmable function keys let staff dial their co-workers directly with just the press of a button while the corresponding LEDs clearly display the status of the respective extensions. These keys can also be set up for frequently-used features. In this case, the LEDs display the status of the respective feature. Each key can be programmed for two separate functions and is equipped with 2 colour LEDs. Up to three T500 key expansion modules can provide the S560 with 90 additional keys for a total of 105 function keys. The new ergonomic design incorporates a four-way controller and four fixed function keys including headset and redial buttons, giving users quick and direct access to frequently used features. The elmeg S530 and S560 telephones provide tight integration with elmeg hybird systems. The hybird system allows software updates and configurations to be performed centrally — settings no longer need to be made on individual telephones.

A novel connectivity approach ensures exceptional flexibility — both S0 and Up0 interfaces are supported. The same terminals can be used for both two and four-wire cabling. We`ve even got the next desk over covered — the S560 has a dedicated S0 jack an additional terminal can be connected to.

Features elmeg S560




  • System telephone for the bintec elmeg family
  • Combination S / U interface
  • Accepts up to three T500 key expansion modules
  • Wall mountable
  • High-resolution graphic display with 8-lines, 240 x 160 pixels, LED backlight, angle mechanically adjustable
  • Four fixed function keys - redial, headset, recall key, message waiting
  • Three fixed speaker buttons — speaker on / off, volume up, and volume down
  • 15 programmable function keys: - 15 keys with blue &amp, white dual-function LEDs for hybird system features
  • Home (escape) key — for system information
  • Centrally positioned four-way controller
  • Two softkeys — for context-dependent option

Features (local)


  • Loudspeaker / hands free talking
  • Adaptable menu structure
  • Adjustable volume (handset, speaker, ringtone, system sounds, etc.)
  • Mute feature
  • Predial
  • Redial with time and date displayed
  • Call list with time and date

Technical specifications


  • Centralized configuration and firmware downloads
  • Languages: dependent on systems region settings
  • Angle of device is adjustable (stand snaps into two positions)
  • Line-in connection: S0 or Up0 as required
  • Line-out: S0 — for all operating modes
  • Desktop or wall-mount
  • Colours: black
  • Width and depth: 265 x 220 mm
  • Variable height: 100 - 180 mm
  • Weight: approx. 0,98 kg
  • Power consumption: &lt, 1W (with 2nd telephone)

 Connection jacks


  •  Line-in: Up0 / S0
  • Line-out: S0
  • USB (later release)
  • Handset
  • Headset (DSHG)
  • Power



  • Plug-in AC adapter if one or more T500 in use
  • T500 peripheral (accepts up to three T500s)
  • Wall mounting bracket

Included Items


  • S560 system telephone, handset with cable, adjustable stand, user manual, ISDN cable



elmeg S560 Part number: 5510000233

elmeg T500 Part number: 5510000272

Power supply unit elmeg S5X0/T500 Part number: 5500001182

Wall mounting set elmeg S5X0/T500 Part number: 5520000119

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