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elmeg IP-S290plus

The extended VoIP VoVPN system telephone

  • Alphanumeric, 2-line display
  • 5 free programmable keys with 2-colour LEDs
  • 3 softkeys and 10 function keys
  • PoE support - no need of a power supply
  • Dual-port Ethernet switch (e.g. for workstation/PC)
  • Headset connector with comprehensive functions (DSHG)
  • Functions: Open Listening, Hands Free Calling, VIP Dialing

elmeg IP-S290plus

The IP-S290plus IP system telephone (central system telephone book, busy light feature, team/line keys, etc.) is used with the hybird and ICT (VoVPN module required) systems. The IP-S290plus supports PoE and wireless headsets.

Product description

The IP systems telephone and the VoIP-VPN Gateway module make the convenient elmeg system telephony available in IP networks. As an interface variant of the elmeg CS290, the elmeg IP-S290plus supports all system features at the ICT systems, such as alternation between lines, call transfer, 3-party conferences, team functions, line keys, access to the systems-internal phone book and many more.

As the successor to the elmeg IP-S290, the elmeg IP-S290plus comes with the following extra features: It supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which means that: if the network or the upstream switch provides PoE power, the device is automatically powered through its Ethernet port. The external power supply block is not required in that case. For optimum ease of use and complete user mobility the elmeg IP-S290plus supports wireless DECT Headsets having a DSHG interface as well as “classic” wired headsets. Two programmable buttons, labeled „Headset on/off“ and „Auto-Answer“, on the telephone set allow for headset control with utmost ease. Flexible, fully networked office environments primarily benefit from the device’s features like Open Listening, Hands Free Calling, VIP Dialing and its programmable function keys, which enable a variety of new functions such as Voice Mail, Call Rerouting or Direct Dial button assignment capability. All function keys now have bicolor LEDs, allowing the user to spot the enabled status of the second-layer function keys instantly.



  • Access to the PABX's alpha-numeric telephone directory
  • 5 Function keys with bicolor LEDs


    • Line keys for internal parties
    • Line keys for outgoing calls
    • Day / night call mode for teams
    • Log on/log out support for team members
    • Allow / disallow announcements
    • Line keys for broker's calls (hold up to 4 calls)
    • Open Inquiry / Terminal Portability at PABX system

  • PC-controlled dialing (CTI over TAPI)
  • Headset socket supporting wired und wireless headsets (DSHG / EHS support)
  • Dual-port Ethernet access with Power over Ethernet capability (802.3 af)



  • 3 Subscriber Numbers / MSNs configurable


    • Name allocation per subscriber number / MSN

  • Alphanumeric display with full graphics (monochrome)


    • 2 lines with 24 characters each
    • User-selectable language (D, GB, NL, F, DK, NS, I, E, P, H, CZ, SL)
    • 3 softkeys for display control

  • Selectable line access digit
  • Call waiting


    • CW switch selectable
    • Single or repeated Call Waiting tone
    • Separately switch selectable for in-house und outgoing calls

  • Call Reject
  • Caller List with date, time, name, 10 entries
  • Call Forwarding (Call Deflection-CD)
  • Date / time display in idle state
  • Selectable MSN signaled with outgoing calls
  • Automatic call-back on busy or on no reply (CCBS, CCNR)
  • Busy indicator lamp feature / Extension keys / Line keys / Redialing
  • Menu language selectable (D, GB, NL, F, DK, N, S, I, E, P, H, CZ, SL)
  • Send / receive announcements
  • Three-party conference call (3 PTY)
  • Specific settings for PABX attachment


    • Line access digit configurable
    • Configurable length of internal extension numbers

  • Hands free calling with adjustable speaker volume
  • Charge display


    • Accepts charge information in currency or unit format
    • Adjustable currency and tariff factors
    • MSN-specific charge counters

  • Explicit Call Transfer (ECT)
  • Headset features


    • Separate headset jack
    • Accepts wired or wireless headsets (DSHG / EHS support)
    • Headset volume adjustable
    • Auto-Answer

  • Handset speaker volume adjustable
  • Keypad Functions
  • Configuration


    • through display menus of telephone set (limited feature set)
    • through PABX

  • Open Listening, adjustable speaker volume
  • Broker's call (Inquiry Call, HOLD)
  • Microphone mute with visual mute indication
  • Vanity numbers
  • Network / LAN Features


    • Dual-port Ethernet Switch
    • Automatic or manual IP address configuration
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    • Network authentication with user name and password

  • Programmable buttons


    • 5 Buttons programmable in two layers
    • Number-to-name allocations allows printing of labels through PC
    • software
    • Display and control of specific PABX functions
    • Direct dial buttons (26 digits max.)
    • DTMF tone sequences or keypad sequences selectable

  • Acknowledgement tones


    • for all entries
    • for entry errors only

  • Recall flash button
  • Calling line number display for outgoing calls (CLIP) / incoming
  • calls (COLP)
  • Calling line number suppression for outgoing calls (CLIR) / incoming
  • calls (COLR)
  • Ringing Tones


    • One tune selectable per caller number from a choice of 10 different
    • tunes
    • Ringer volume adjustable per caller number in 7 steps
    • Separate ringing tones for internal and incoming calls
    • Visual call signaling through LEDs

  • Call forwarding unconditional/on busy/on no reply (CFU/CFB/CFNR)
  • Status LEDs


    • Indicate newly received calls
    • Indicate newly received text messages

  • Receive and send SMS
  • Software download through HTTP server
  • DTMF dialing in connected state
  • Send and receive UUS 1 messages ( User to User Signaling)
  • Vanity number support
  • VIP dialing


    • 10 entries with name und number
    • Numbers may have 26 digits max.
    • Names may be of 20 characters maximum length

  • Dialing control, local function in telephone set
  • 7 numbers selectable for blacklisting
  • 7 numbers selectable for whitelisting
  • Full dial lock or lockout on blacklisted numbers only (whitelisted numbers permitted)
  • Pre-dial number composition with misdial correction option
  • Redialing
  • Redial list with 5 entries
  • Direct dial buttons

Technical Specifications

Power supply


  • External power supply block
  • Power over Ethernet (802.3 af, Power Class 1)



  • LAN port 10 / 100 Base T (RJ45 connector, Power over Ethernet)
  • PC interface port 10 / 100 Base T (RJ45 female connector)

Handset connector (RJ11 type)

Headset connector (RJ45 jack)

Headset connector (2 x 3.5 mm audio jack)



  • Numeric keypad with 0 ... 9, * and # keys
  • 3 softkeys und 6 function keys for display menu control
  • 4 Function keys: Recall flash button, Open Listening, Hands Free Calling, Redialing, Disconnect
  • 5 function keys with bicolor LEDs



  • 257 x 80 x 176 mm (W X H x D)



  • Black and blue



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