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bintec elmeg GmbH Application Workshops

Here you can find an overview of the workshops we have created to offer assistance for the configuration and application of bintec and elmeg products and solutions.

If you cannot find a specific solution in the expected category, have a look at the archived workshops at where we collect solutions based on older products or software versions.

Should you run into problems displaying the HTML versions of our workshops, please try a different browser or download the PDF version.

  • Using  be.IP  as a VDSL modem
  • Creating configuration access for the user and using special applications
  • Access from the WAN via HTTPS
  • Access from the WAN to a web server in the LAN
  • Dialling in of an iPhone to a  be.IP
  • Access from WAN via the PPPoE-WAN connection
  • be.IP Secure Client: Configuration of VPN remote access
  • be.IP plus  as PBX with two xDSL connections
  • Telephoning via a SIP provider using the  be.IP plus
  • bintec 4Ge-LE  as WAN path to a  be.IP
  • Help with configuration:

    • Change the startup view
    • Setting up for a Vodafone VDSL connection
    • Configuration of a DynDNS account
    • Use of agency features and functions with the IP-based connection
    • Setting up the function key for controlling the integrated access point

Workshop chapter be.IP HTML
Workshop chapter be.IP PDF

  • IP - Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • IP - Configuration of the bintec router behind a provider router
  • IP - IPTV on xDSL (ADSL/VDSL) T-Home Entertainment connection
  • IP - RIPv2 Routing Protocol over IPSec Connection
  • IP - Load balancing two Internet accesses used in parallel
  • IP - Load distribution for two VPN IPSec tunnels via separate Internet accesses
  • IP - Using Drop-in to connect a branch office to head office with a VPN tunnel
  • IP - Set up a DMZ with the drop-in group's functionality

Application Workshops IP HTML
Application Workshops IP PDF

  • Security - IPSec with certificates
  • Security - IPSec with dynamic IP addresses and DynDNS
  • Security - Bridging over an IPSec tunnel
  • Security - Stateful Inspection Firewall (SIF)
  • Security - VPN connection via a SMS PASSCODE server

Application Workshops Security and Administration HTML
Application Workshops Security and Administration PDF

  • WLAN - VLAN with Multi SSID WLAN
  • WLAN - bintec Hotspot Solution
  • WLAN - VoWLAN Basics and Configuration
  • WLAN - Management for Multiple Locations: WLAN controller via VPN
  • WLAN - Wireless LAN Controller as Network Access Gateway
  • WLAN network with guest WLAN
  • WLAN - WLAN controller installation with integrated HotSpot functionality
  • WLAN - bintec Cloud NetManager

Application Workshops WLAN HTML
Application Workshops WLAN PDF

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