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Mobile Communication in Warehouse Management

Mobile barcode scanners used for warehouse operations will be connected to an ERP system via WLAN. Handheld devices as well as devices installed on moving forklifts are used in this project.

In this case, a WLAN using solely 2.4 GHz is needed. In this kind of scenario, it is important to have seamless radio coverage. It is highly recommended to carry out a site survey before installation.

Very good radio coverage in combination with access points, which enable the seamless hand-over, ensure the operation of barcode scanners even on moving forklifts.

Here, the perfect choice is the inexpensive bintec W1003n in combination with bintec WLAN Controller


  • Seamless 2.4 GHz WLAN network
  • Roaming/hand-over suitable for interruption-free communication on moving vehicles
  • Using inexpensive single radio AP bintec W1003n or industrial AP bintec WI1003n
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