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Separate Mobile Communication in Hotels

Whether in hotels, restaurants, cafés or on campsites: Today, the provision of public Internet access, free of charge or fee based service, represents attractive added value for customers. For the operator, it is often important to use a provider-independent solution in order to address the customer’s needs in a flexible manner.

The bintec HotSpot solution meets these demands and furthermore it ensures the secured operation in conformity with the law, without missing comfort and easy handling. Depending on operational requirement, the bintec HotSpot solution can either be installed inexpensively only in the area near the reception or provided in the entire building.

For the use in large conference rooms, high performance bintec access points with sophisticated mechanisms are deployed in order to avoid overloads. The devices of the bintec W-series can be installed discreetly and match perfectly with the high-quality ambiance due to their sleek and elegant design. Without additional costs and any problems, the bintec WLAN network can be separated in order to allow several applications at the same time, such as Internet access for guests, mobile order entry in the restaurant, and much else.

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