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Modern Education thanks to bintec WLAN

Today a vital part of modern education is providing computer rooms, multi media rooms and wireless Internet in libraries by educational institutes. Basis for this is a broadband network with wireless Internet access. By separating the bintec wireless LAN in different logical networks, both teachers and students can simultaneously use the wireless network.

The different networks enable an encrypted and differentiated access to the school network and Internet for teachers, students and staff members. Different rights can be assigned to each group. bintec WLAN solutions provide high bandwidth even in peak times with high data volume. The network structure as well as the wireless LAN is administrated by bintec WLAN Controller which comprises an appropriate content filter.

This filter examines the accessed pages and can allow or refuse the access to the web content depending on the settings. Thus, requirements for the legal protection for children and young persons are satisfied and illegal activities are prevented. The new bintec access point family has internal antennas and is hence unremarkable installable. Wall brackets within the scope of delivery ensure a simple theft protection.


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