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Completely independent with RS123w-4G

Task & Solution


Time and time again there are situations in which locations cannot be connected to a central IT infrastructure or to the Internet, as there is no wired data network, e.g. in wind farms. In part, ISDN or DSL connections may not be available.

New lines are too expensive or simply impossible, as the locations regularly change - such as on construction sites or trade shows. Also in the domain of surveillance with imaging systems, it may be generally useful, or in the case of interruption to the wire network media, to use new transmission technologies, such as LTE, to be able to work completely independent of physical connection variants: mobile as well as stationary.


The use of LTE as a site-independent means of transmission has long since become established in modern companies. The charges for mobile data access using LTE(4G) have also fallen drastically. With the bintec RS123w, bintec elmeg GmbH offers a flexible solution: from direct data exchange through to setting up entire VPN infrastructures.

The bintec RS123w-4G has an integrated LTE modem for direct and primary connection setup or as the "last" backup for interrupted DSL connections. 

The connection of additional "internal" devices to bintec RS123w-4G can either be via WLAN (.11n) or via the integrated 4-port switch.

Application scenarios for bintec RS123w-4G include: wind farms, construction site containers, mobile monitors and displays, transmission of image data from modern IP cameras in alarm systems, use on tradeshows, festivals, back-up solutions, Internet access for very remote huts or vacation apartments, etc.

bintec RS123w-4G

  • Prof. Gigabit-Ethernet-Router with 11n-WLAN and LTE(4G)
  • WLAN 802.11n, 2,4 and 5 GHz
  • Mulitband LTE Modem (Compatible to HSPA+, UMTS, GSM)
  • SFP-Port 5x Gigabit-Ethernet
  • 5x IPSec-tunnels (optional 30 tunnels),
  • HW acceleration
  • IPv6 Support
  • Flexible mounting: desktop or 19” rack 
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