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bintec elmeg ISDN TE-Adapter for be.IP plus

bintec elmeg creates additional security in the migration process to ALL IP. Free yourself of the point of changeover to ALL IP and self-manage your migration.

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Wireless LAN shows its metal for inventory and logistics

Case Study - Outstanding wireless performance for mobile data collection

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The technology behind 802.11ac

bintec guideline for migrating to 802.11ac - With the rapidly growing number of mobile users, devices and applications the benefits of gigabit speeds, improved Capacity and reliability of wireless LANs with 802.11ac ever clearer. Our guide will help you with the transition.

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ALL-IP - voice, data, video only via an Internet protocol. Here you will find the suitable product for your ALL-IP conversion

bintec elmeg Downloads

Here you can find downloads of our products - whether ALL-IP, WLAN, VPN or IP Access


Service & Support

The bintec elmeg GmbH Service & Support Centre with its high qualified team of experts will be happy to assist and support you in all kind of technical inquiries or difficulties.

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