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Software Reference

The Software Reference is the comprehensive reference to networking technologies used in bintec products.

Given the desire to further enhance the user-friendliness of this document, we have implemented a new structure and concept which place increased emphasis on accuracy, clarity and specific configuration scenarios. The first installment in a new-look, user-friendly online Software Reference, based on a broad division between a Reference section and a Workshop section, is the chapter on Virtual Private Networking. All subsequent texts will be written in this manner. Eventually, all other chapters written in the old style will be revised to reflect the new concept.

Another change made to the Software Reference concerns the merging of the former Extended Features Reference and the old Software Reference to comprise this new comprehensive Software Reference.

A new "home page" has been added from where you have quick access to the different chapters of the new Software Reference. This has been done to ensure that singular existing documents in this set can be under constant revision, while new documents can steadily supplement the new modular Software Reference.

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