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New outdoor 802.11ac access points

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The bintec WO1003ac and WO2003ac — flexibility for harsh environments

NUREMBERG. With its new bintec .11ac wireless LAN series, bintec elmeg GmbH has launched two new access points (APs) that are fully suited for outdoor use and now available for purchase. The rugged bintec WO1003ac and WO2003ac APs come with IP65-rated enclosures and are specially designed for establishing reliable wireless LANs in harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

These flexible bintec wireless LAN outdoor APs can operate as access points, hotspots, or bridges. The bintec WO1003ac and WO2003ac offer identical software features to those found in the bintec WLAN Office series and ensure full compatibility with professional bintec wireless management solutions.

Extremely reliable – the bintec WO1003ac and WO2003ac
Their robust, water-resistant IP65-rated metal enclosures and wide operating temperature range (-25 to +60°C) make these bintec WLAN Outdoor APs suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions. The IP65-rated antennas have waterproof N-connectors to match the high level of protection these devices provide. The access points support standard wall mounting and can also be attached directly to an antenna pole.

The bintec WO1003ac comes equipped with an 802.11ac/abgn radio with MIMO 2 x 2, enabling PHY data rates of up to 867 Mbps. The radio module can be used either for the 2.4- or 5-GHz frequency band as required.

The bintec WO2003ac has two 802.11ac/abgn radio modules that operate independently of one another using MIMO 2 x 2, enabling PHY data rates of up to 2 x 867 Mbps.

The new bintec WLAN Outdoor APs can be operated as standalone access points, allowing them to be used without any additional equipment. In addition, these WLAN Outdoor APs are compatible with the central management functionality provided by the bintec Cloud NetManager and the bintec WLAN Controller. This allows organizations to easily expand managed wireless networks consisting of bintec Office access points by adding outdoor access points.

bintec elmeg also offers optional wireless bridge link kits to connect far-away facilities to the company’s network infrastructure.

The new bintec WLAN Outdoor access points

bintec WO1003ac – Outdoor AP with IP65 protection, one radio operating at 2.4 or 5 GHz; MIMO 2 x 2 867 Mbps, wall or pole mount, PoE

bintec WO2003ac — outdoor AP with IP65 protection, two radios operating at 2.4 or 5 GHz; MIMO 2 x 867 Mbps, wall or pole mount, PoE

bintec WO Bridgelink Bundles – for joining LANs using a wireless link; Consists of 2 bintec WO1003ac devices with antennas, cables, and lightning arrester

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