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New LTE routers for high availability and redundancy

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bintec RS353jwv-4G — combines VDSL / ADSL, LTE and wireless LAN ++ bintec RS123w-4G – LTE, WLAN and SFP for fiber links

NUREMBERG. bintec elmeg GmbH is kicking off 2016 by launching two new LTE routers for high-speed internet access. The bintec RS353jwv-4G is a universal VPN router and currently the only one on the German market to combine VDSL / ADSL, LTE (4G), and wireless LAN in a single device. The bintec RS123w-4G is a Gigabit Ethernet router that offers flexible connectivity options with LTE (4G), wireless LAN, and SFP for fiber-optic links.

The new multifunctional access gateways of the bintec RS series come equipped with outstanding security standards (backdoor free) as well as exceptional performance. They have been specially designed for solutions that require high availability and redundancy.

bintec RS353jwv-4G - a secure all-around performer

With the bintec RS353jwv-4G, bintec elmeg is offering a flexible IP access solution for everything from point-to-point links to building entire VPN infrastructures. The router allows high speed connections via VDSL / ADSL, wireless LAN, and LTE (4G) as desired - for establishing direct connections as an alternative to DSL. It's ideal for customers who prefer a provider independent data transmission path to protect their company against internet outages.

The integrated wireless LAN provides wireless internet connectivity for laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The multimode modem supports the operation of all ALL-IP, VDSL, and ADSL Annex B and J connections. With easy migration from ADSL2+ to VDSL2 and support for VDSL vectoring, the professional-grade bintec RS353jwv-4G router is a sound investment in the organization's future.

The bintec RS123w-4G - pro-grade wireless

The high-performance RS123w-4G Gigabit Ethernet router with dual-band wireless LAN and LTE (4G) is the perfect solution for location-independent high-speed connectivity - for areas in which DSL is not available. With the existing SFP slot for fiber-optic expansion modules, companies can also connect to a broadband fiber-optic link.

Flexible and fast: Both the bintec RS353jwv-4G and the bintec RS123w-4G come equipped with an integrated LTE(4G) modem, offering speeds of up to 100 Mbps (download) and 50 Mbps (upload) using the LTE(4G) standard while also supporting the UMTS (3G+) standard. The dual-band wireless LAN module supports 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Both of the new LTE routers support the IPv6 internet protocol. They also ship with a license for five hardware-accelerated VPN tunnels. The license can be upgraded to as many as 30 tunnels. The integrated power supply and 19" conversion bracket also simplify integration into 19" racks.

Typical applications include office environments, backup solutions for retail locations (EC card systems), and internet access for companies located in areas with poor DSL coverage.

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bintec RS353jwv-4G: the universal VPN router with LTE (4G), .11n wireless, and VDSL2 bintec RS123w-4G: the professional Gigabit Ethernet router with LTE (4G) and .11n wireless

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