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bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager for private clouds

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Controller-free wireless network manager as on-premise virtual machine

NUREMBERG. Complementing its bintec Cloud NetManager - a cloud-based wireless management system - bintec elmeg GmbH has introduced the bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager. bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager is an on-premise, controller-free wireless network manager. The scalable multitenant bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager can manage multiple small and mid-sized networks and very large installations with hundreds of access points as well as a network that is distributed across many locations.

The bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager is perfect for systems integrators and IT service providers who would like to offer a centralized service hosted in their own data center for their customers. Multitenancy allows systems integrators to manage multiple customers with a single installation. The Virtual Cloud NetManager is also ideal for businesses that wish to install the server on their own local network for instance for branch networking.

Jochen Bräunlein, Director Sales Channel at bintec elmeg, added: "With the multi-user and multitenant capabilities of the bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager, resellers can provide management to multiple customers with smaller infrastructures. It's an additional revenue source for dealers, who can now offer management as a separate service in addition to selling the access points."

Flexible - secure - one-time license expense

A centralized virtual cloud computer performs the duties of the wireless controller. The customer's on-site access points communicate directly with this central wireless LAN controller in the private cloud. One of the main advantages of this controller-free cloud-based solution is that no additional customer hardware is required beyond an internet gateway and the wireless access point. Communication between the on-premise bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager and the managed devices can be accomplished using either an https connection, a VPN tunnel, or - if the Virtual Cloud NetManager is running on a server in the local network - an http connection.

In contrast to the bintec Cloud NetManager SaaS solution, which bintec elmeg offers as an annual subscription, the bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager's licensing model is based on lifetime licenses that must only be purchased once.

To use the bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager, operators must purchase a server license and the required number of device licenses. All current bintec access points can be monitored and managed using the bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager.

Thanks to the optional zero-touch configuration, adding and configuring new devices to the wireless network is automatic - no action is required of the administrator. The bintec Virtual Cloud NetManager is available now.

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