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Management Board


Fernando Prado 

- Chief Executive Officer
- Chief Financial Officer 


Fernando Prado has been CEO of bintec elmeg GmbH since 01 October 2019 and is responsible for the commercial management of the company. In addition, the financial expert will continue to act in his previous role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company, which he took over in April 2012.

Fernando Prado brings with him over ten years of experience in finance, risk management, logistics and purchasing at an international level. During his career, he has worked in particular for companies focusing on Western and Eastern European markets and has proven himself in commercial management positions.

The experienced finance and controlling specialist obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree after successfully completing his studies in economics before applying his comprehensive, practice-oriented knowledge to leading companies in the manufacturing industry. 


Alexander López González - CDO - Chief Digital Officer Teldat Group


Over the past 17 years, Alexander López González gained extensive industry experience in the international IT and telecommunications world and has proven himself in leadership positions.

After studying law in Frankfurt, Alexander Lopez Gonzalez embarked on a career at Deutsche Telekom AG. After his initial position in the Legal department of T-Systems, he switched to the chairperson of Deutsche Telekom's unit, where he assumed a dual role as the chair's assistant as well as the head of the supervisory board office of T-Systems. Subsequently, he assumed numerous senior sales positions that gave him responsibility for instance of business development of the national and international operations of the Spanish subsidiary and the management of the Operating Office Key Accounts Direct Sales and Service.

His last position at Telekom Deutschland saw him in partner management for commercial accounts heading the Presales, Service, and Alliance Partners unit.

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