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Boundless mobility

Cost-effective branch networking via VPN

Driving is more than mere transportation. When consumers rent a vehicle, they look for a good deal, quality, comfort, flexibility, and safety. Often, they need to rent the vehicle abroad. Sixt SE is an international provider of high-quality mobility solutions. Branches can be found in over 100 countries and at all major airport destinations. Over 4,000 employees around the globe ensure flawless delivery of the comprehensive services provided by Sixt, one of the world’s leading car rental companies. Those employees rely on having a reliable and perfectly coordinated communications infrastructure to ensure both responsive processing of international communications with customers and internal communications between branch locations.

A modern fleet

Sixt customers receive vehicles with high levels of options and trim and the latest technologies, all at prices that represent excellent values. To keep the quality of this service consistently high, stateof- the-art branch networking was required to complement the company’s modern vehicle fleet. The new communications equipment was expected to provide powerful networking both between branch locations around the world and with Sixt company headquarters — while considerably reducing costs.

The solution: data from all Sixt locations now runs through corporate headquarters in Pullach near Munich, Germany. Affordable, fast, and secure branch networking over the company network ensures that customer needs are met worldwide. The centralized company communications infrastructure was implemented with equipment that enables branch networking using VPN (virtual private network) technology from bintec elmeg GmbH, a German manufacturer headquartered in Nuremberg.

The new solution seamlessly integrates a number of global locations into the company network, uniting the company’s organizational units via VPN links that employ strong IPSec encryption (tunneling). High-performance broadband routing solutions such as the bintec RXL12500 are used at headquarters, guaranteeing maximum availability. In the roughly 1,000 branch locations, high-performance bintec routers from the RS series as well as the bintec RXL12100 provide secure connections to the company network.

“We are completely satisfied with the VPN branch networking solution from bintec elmeg — day-to-day operations are running smoothly. If we have any questions or problems, there is a skilled team in Nuremberg ready to help us whenever we need them.”

Helmut Haunerdinger, head of network management at Sixt

Helmut Haunerdinger, head of network management at Sixt, confirms: “We are completely satisfied with the VPN branch networking solution from bintec elmeg — day-to-day operations are running smoothly. If we have any questions or problems, there is a skilled team in Nuremberg ready to help us whenever we need them.”

Central hub

Sixt’s existing infrastructure was already modernized a few years ago. Sixt’s locations had already been using bintec routers before the current VPN solution was implemented. Due to the high quality solutions and reliable products that were previously supplied in addition to the productive collaboration, the latest router generation from the same Nuremberg vendor was chosen for the current project as well. The requirements for the new network infrastructure at Sixt included high bandwidths, maximum availability, and scalability — all while delivery good value for the money. An additional prerequisite was that the new equipment had to have the ability to connect to existing technologies such as the international booking and reservation system for the branch locations, e-mail and intranet solutions, and internet access devices.

Sixt IT personnel decided on flexible VPN networking with the necessary failover capabilities as a common platform for cost-efficient and reliable branch networking. Besides the bintec elmeg solutions, products from other manufacturers were also considered. The outstanding value of the bintec elmeg solutions in combination with excellent on-site and single-point-of-contact customer service, however, were unbeatable arguments in the German manufacturer’s favor.

Getting good mileage from a reliable solution

The initial phase of the project involved deploying the bintec routers one location at a time in the respective countries followed by installation of redundant systems at headquarters. The redundant solution guarantees maximum availability by using the Bintec Router Redundancy Protocol, or BRRP, for failover. Should the network or a router malfunction, traffic is automatically re-directed to the second device.

More than 1,000 bintec routers are already operating throughout the world to link Sixt’s international locations over a high-availability network. Adding new locations, external service providers, and business partners is simple to accomplish using additional or future bintec elmeg products, ensuring Sixt will continue to reap rewards from this investment long into the future. The company is already benefiting from centralizing its IT landscape with cost-effective links to its international branches. Now it can offer its customers excellent service at lower administrative costs thanks to these cutting edge technologies.



Sixt is a leading international provider of comprehensive mobility services. Founded in 1912, Sixt is the largest car rental company in Germany and Austria. Sixt Leasing AG, the organization’s leasing division, has been publicly traded since May 7, 2015. Sixt possesses a broad affiliate network including large hotel chains, renowned airlines, and other companies in the mobility market.

You can “feel the motion” (the company tagline) with Sixt in over 100 countries around the world. Sixt employs over 4,000 employees worldwide (not including franchisees).

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