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bintec elmeg ISDN TE-Adapter for be.IP plus

bintec elmeg creates additional security in the migration process to ALL IP. Free yourself of the point of changeover to ALL IP and self-manage your migration.


Thanks to the new ISDN TE-Adapter for be.IP plus, the point of changeover can be managed independently from the actual switch to ALL IP.

Since the switch from ISDN to ALL IP will not be simultaneously in all regions, a question that is often raised is the “right” time for purchasing a new PBX.

The ISDN TE-Adapter solves this particular problem and provides existing ISDN lines connectivity to the future-proof ALL IP hardware.

An aspect which enables the roll-out of standardized hardware particularly across different sites. An unbeatable advantage to guarantee security of investment!

The ISDN TE-Adapter can be used with be.IP plus units with serial number BE2CAD016090001 and higher running release 10.1.7.

In additon to a DSL line, two ISDN lines are available which will be dropped out in the future due to the ISDN switch-off. Since a new PBX is necessary in the short term, it makes sense to integrate a communication solution capable of ALL IP already today.

In this scenario, be.IP plus operates in PBX mode. Thanks to ISDN TE-Adapter , existing ISDN lines can be used until the line switches to ALL IP.

Thanks to the two ISDN interfaces, be.IP plus offers up to 4 parallel voice channels for 4 phone calls at the same time.

A DSL and an ISDN connection are operating in this scenario. An ISDN PBX is connected to the ISDN connection. This PBX will be exchanged by a be.IP plus directly after the switch to ALL IP.

In this case, a be.IP plus can operate in the media gateway mode in the first step. The advantage: The already existing PBX can be migrated by be.IP plus and the ISDN TE-Adapter provides ISDN interface connection.

Two parallel voice channels are available in this scenario. In addition, Internet access is provided by the integrated modem. Routing functionalities such as VPN for secure remote access can be established. Furthermore, professional wireless LAN features are available.

Later on, when switching the network to ALL IP, only SIP data for the future telephony via IP has to be configurated/entered. This means, also at the date of switching off ISDN, a ready to use ALL IP infrastructure is immediately available.

The corresponding telephony can be configurated via SIP and VPN tunnel. This scenario is eminently suitable for branch solutions planning to use a standardized ALL IP hardware.

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