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be.IP Secure Client

Powerful VPN software application for professional remote access

Secure Client
bintec elmeg Secure Client

The be.IP Secure Client is a powerful VPN software application for professional remote access VPN solutions.

It enables secure remote access to company data for mobile employees and telecommuters.

The be.IP Secure Client can be used six months for free from the date of license activation. Please find the licence key at the label of the be.IP. For devices without a licence key at the label, you could get one here (for defined hardware serial numbers without licence key at the label only).

After the free six months, you can use the bintec elmeg IPSec Secure Client (Article nr: 80511) for your remote access.

Please find further product information at our product page bintec Secure IPSec Client.

Customers using a be.IP or be.IP plus do have the option to get a license of be.IP Secure Client for free for six months. Please use following link to download the software:

be.IP Secure Client 64bit - v3.04 Build 31256

be.IP Secure Client 32bit - v3.04 Build 31256

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