Connecting public Bycicle Service in the city of Taipei

Regesta PRO-ER: Ultramodern connected bicycles for Taipei City citizens

Regesta-PRO ER are industrial-grade routers that guarantee optimal execution and maximum security of communications between multiple IP services.


Client Summary

The client is a shared public bicycle service offered by the Taipei City Department of Transportation in Taiwan in collaboration with the local manufacturer. It was inaugurated to encourage citizens to use bicycles as a way of getting around for shorter trips, and thereby reduce pollution levels in Taipei City.




  • Modernize existing device park to enhance services offered to users.
  • Large capacity device with greater potential, with support for LTE for real-time communication and Ethernet for connecting to the various station devices.
  • High security features, to prevent theft or hacker attacks.
  • Optimized hardware designed for outdoor environments: protected to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and dust.


  • Regesta PRO-ER: an industrial-grade router offering secure and reliable IP broadband connectivity.
  • The Regesta PRO-ER device comes with support for single or dual LTE modules and 4- or 6-port Ethernet.
  • State-of-the-art security via ACLs, Firewall, 802.1X, IPSec (hardware encryption included), DMVPNs, etc.
  • Small sized housing with a high thermal dissipation capacity and wall and DIN-rail mounting options.


  • Quality, technical specifications and professionalism of the service.
  • Devices are certified by the local operator.
  • Positive assessments for similar devices in the area.
  • Maintenance and repair service provided in the local language by Teldat’s partner Youngtech.

Why Teldat?

Teldat was the ideal manufacturer for this project for several reasons:

  • The quality, technical specifications and professionalism of the service provided by Teldat.
  • Teldat devices are certified by the local operator and there are positive assessments for similar devices.
  • The maintenance and repair service provided by Teldat’s local partner allows the client to have local support in their own language.


The initial project was initiated in 2009 with the aim of reducing car use, improving air quality and traffic, giving an added value to the city’s tourism and fostering an eco-friendly image for Taipei.

When the service first started, communications technology was only used for less public facets, such as managing internal payments or locating bicycles on the part of administrators.

The challenge: the client wanted to modernize its service to include new features for users, such as secure card payments, self-service rental, bike returns to any station, web map showing station status and stock, and Lost & Found.

The incorporation of these additional services required modernizing the existing communications device pool by migrating to higher-potential devices with support for LTE.

The device needed to be small to be able to be installed in the stations. Furthermore, since these stations are located outside in the open air, the device had to meet two fundamental requirements:

  • High performance in terms of security, requiring both software encryption security and physical security to protect against hacker attacks, theft, etc.
  • Optimized hardware designed for use in outdoor environments, and certified against extreme temperatures, humidity and dust.


The device chosen by the client for the migration is the Teldat Regesta PRO-ER, with a single or dual LTE module for real-time communication with the central control system, and 4- or 6-port Ethernet for connecting to the various station devices.

The Regesta-PRO-ER are industrial-grade routers that deliver secure, reliable broadband IP connectivity. The integrated switch is capable of serving a large number of intelligent electronic devices at remote sites, and includes VLAN support and other advanced switching features.

In addition, the simultaneous use of 2G/3G/LTE interfaces, and ADSL and Ethernet links provides maximum communications reliability, which is ensured thanks to the full support of the management, monitoring and backup functionalities.

To overcome the extreme environmental conditions suffered outdoors, the Regesta PRO-ER housing provides a high thermal dissipation capacity, with wall and DIN-rail mounting options, guaranteeing operation between -10 °C and 60 °C and with humidity levels of up to 95%.

In terms of security, the Teldat device features state-of-the-art security via ACLs, Firewall, 802.1X, IPSec (hardware encryption included), DMVPNs, etc., thus permitting secure and easy-to-manage deployments. Teldat also designed the “Mapping Authentication” feature specifically for this project; this consisted in developing a special alarm system to alert the central system if one of the router’s Ethernet ports is disconnected. In this way, both data security and physical security are guaranteed.



The solution implemented by Teldat met all the client’s requirements and objectives:

  • Renew equipment in order to enhance services offered to citizens: card payments, self-service rental, bike returns to any station, web map with current station status and stock, and Lost & Found.
  • Increase quality of life for Taipei citizens.
  • Reduce car use and improve city air quality and traffic.
  • Increase Taipei City’s attraction as a place of interest for tourists, and as an international green and environmentally friendly city.

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