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Virtual Cloud NetManager

... the Cloud NetManager for your own data center

  • WLAN Management as virtual machine
  • Applicable in your own data center
  • Directly applicable in customer network
  • Multi-client capable
  • Lifetime licenses

Virtual Cloud NetManager

The Virtual Cloud NetManager is a scalable, multi-client capable system managing both very small and very large networks distributed across numerous locations. The system can be used in stand-alone operation in contrast to the Cloud NetManager.

Product Description

The Virtual Cloud NetManager is functionally identical to the Cloud NetManager. In contrast to the Cloud NetManager, which is hosted in a large data center for many customers, the Virtual Cloud NetManager is a virtual machine that you operate by yourself and thus unlimited access to.

Flexible Deployment

You can, for example, operate the Virtual Cloud NetManager on a virtualization platform in your own data center and, therefore, centrally manage your customer`s WLAN networks. For larger installations you can also install the system directly at your customer`s premises.
Also with regard to network connection, you have complete flexibility:
You can carry out the communication between your data center and the devices by means of an https connection, a VPN connection or (if the server is located on the local network) via an http connection.

Attractive License Model

In contrast to the Cloud NetManager, which we offer to our customers on an annual rental basis, the license for the Virtual Cloud NetManager is a lifetime license which is due only once. For using the Virtual Cloud NetManager you need the server license and the according number of device licenses. Device licenses are available as license packages for 1, 10, 50, 100 or 1000 devices.

Administrator Level

Compared to the Cloud NetManager there are further differences. In addition to the customer login, known from the Cloud NetManager, the Virtual Cloud NetManager has also an administrator login. On the administrator level you can directly manage further customer accounts and you have access to the ”Global Dashboard” which is currently in preparation. Device licenses are available in a license pool and can either directly be assigned to a customer or to the administrator account (this option is in preparation).

System Requirements

Regarding the virtualization platform you can either use a VMwareTM based solution or a Citrix Server. The system needs two virtual machines with the following system requirements:

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