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elmeg D151R

Tough and resistant handset

  • Dust and waterproof, shock resitant
  • Rubber surface for perfect grip
  • Brilliant 1,8" TFT colour display with 8 lines
  • Integration of global hybird phonebook
  • Support of hybird voicemail with MWI and access
  • Headset via 2,5 mm jack
  • Advanced hand-free talking

elmeg D151R

Tough and resistant handset

This cordless handset fulfills the international IP65 standard and offers protection against dust and water splashes. The D151R’s impact resistance makes it the perfect business handset for factory floors, construction sites, and other environments.

Product description

The major difference between the D151R and the D131 and D141 handsets is its protection against dust and water splashes in compliance with the international IP65 standard. In addition to these qualities, this model is also resistant to impacts. This handset offers the perfect combination of business telephony features and ruggedness for rough environments such as factory floors, production facility grounds, construction sites, and more. The ribbed rubber surface on the battery cover makes the handset easy to grip securely even with gloves on. The large, backlit rubber buttons are easy to operate with precision and can be rinsed off for cleaning.

The speakerphone feature frees up your hands so you can perform other tasks while you talk or use the handset for teleconferencing. Thanks to the headset jack, you can use this handset with a wide range of wired headsets. And with the brilliant audio quality of the speakerphone feature, you can move freely about your work environment. The vibrating alert and incoming call light allow you to stay reachable at all times without disturbing others.

The large color display in combination with the icon-based user interface gives you access to elmeg hybird system features and provides a range of convenient extras. The integrated system telephone directory lets you look up numbers and identify incoming callers. The handset also alerts users to new voice messages and provides access to hybird voicemail with the touch of a button. The handset itself provides a local contact list for up to 500 entries. Additional highlights include the ability to assign telephone numbers to individual keys for speed dialing, and a feature that lets you enter appointments, customer birthdays, or important family events.

You can even set up notifications for new emails if desired. A recent callers list and a redial feature for the last 20 numbers dialed are of course included.

With standard AAA batteries, 300 hours of standby, and 14 hours of talk time, you're always connected - at home, in the factory, or in the office. Especially when used in combination with the elmeg DECT200 multi-cell system, you will always be reachable and able to communicate freely thanks to the system's integrated automatic handover from one radio cell to the next.


D151R (5530000217)

DECT handset, IP65 standards (dust, waterproof, shock resistance), functionality and equipment like D130, no Bluetooth, additional vibration alert and LED torch, Rubber surface for perfect grip, incl. Charging tray


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