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bintec "goes" IPv6

What objectives is bintec elmeg GmbH pursuing with its IPv6 implementation?

We want to support you, our customer, by
  • giving you a chance to gain experience with IPv6
  • giving you the opportunity to implement IPv6 at the right time
  • helping you avoid confusion as a result of unnecessary IPv6 functions
  • helping you ensure the security of your IPv6 network
  • providing optimal support for your IPv6 implementation
These considerations have led bintec elmeg GmbH to structure its IPv6 implementation in accordance with what will initially be the most important scenarios for you. In selecting these scenarios, a great deal of emphasis was also placed on achieving a simple and thus cost-effective migration strategy.

You can start with Scenario 1 to gain some initial experience and test the IPv6 compatibility of your network components. After successfully completing this stage, it's possible to make the transition to the next scenario without making extensive changes to your first scenario. In this manner, you can migrate your network step by step with no downtime.

Documentation and Seminars

bintec elmeg GmbH is currently working aggressively to implement IPv6 for its various product families. Comprehensive documentation of the IPv6 implementation functionality will be made available when the IPv6 software is released.

To provide you the best support possible, we will be offering IPv6 training courses this year. For more detailed information, please watch for updates on the Training section of our website.

IPv6 Device Software

We have arranged the IPv6 releases and corresponding manuals of the be.IP series, RS series, Rxxx2 series and RXL series at one page for you.

>>> IPv6 Device Software

Supported Devices

Below you'll find a table with an overview of when a free update with IPv6 support will be available for the respective device.
Productgroup Product Date
Router/VPN Gateways bintec RS series available
bintec Rxxx2 series available
bintec RXL series available
Media Gateways bintec RT series available
ALL-IP be.IP series available
elmeg hybird hybird MGW available