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VoIP PBXs at the ISDN Connection


Those who are faced with procuring a new PBX often ask themselves the question: "ISDN or VoIP already?“ Many would like to decide for VoIP, but don't want to be without the still unparalleled reliability of ISDN. It does not matter which VoIP PBX (Windows Soft PBX or Asterisk system) or which SIP provider you choose. The questions asked are almost always the same:

  • How do I connect the VoIP PBX to the ISDN trunk line?
  • Where do I connect my fax machine?
  • Is the reliability of the VoIP provider high enough today to put one‘s trust in it as a company in the future?
  • Is there a fallback from SIP provider to the ISDN trunk line?

These question could not be satisfactorily answered previously. Previously!


The bintec media gateways really are the "gate" from VoIP to ISDN and vice versa. Because the gateways are coupled between the VoIP PBX and the ISDN trunk line and route calls accordingly. Here the media gateways support up to 4 * BRI or 2 * PRI per device. Given a greater demand for connections, several gateways can also be operated in parallel. With bintec media gateways, you can utilize the new opportunities of IP-based communication and, at the same time, trust the security and reliability of ISDN.

Every PBX extension can be allocated the desired permanent provider. Rules can be used to set up multi-stage fallback scenarios which automatically revert to ISDN in case of overload or failure of the VoIP lines. The T.38 support in the media gateway gives you additional security. Not only that you can connect your fax machine or your fax server directly to the media gateway despite using a T.38 SIP provider, it also converts the T.38 fax from your UC system and forwards it as T.30 fax via the ISDN trunk line. The application workshop, located in the download section of the related product, guides you step-by-step to your solution.
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