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Unified Communications with classical ISDN PBXs


VoIP has long since arrived in modern office communication and many users telephone via VoIP without even realizing it. But unification of the IP and PBX networks offers far greater benefits than simply phoning on the Internet. Unified Communications (UC) is the watchword that has captivated the specialist press and congresses of late. Not a great deal is required to introduce a Unified Communications solution in a company: A VoIP PBX, IP phones (or clients), as well as a SIP provider. But what do you do if you wish to keep your existing telecommunications infrastructure, but still use the options Unified Communications has to offer?


The bintec media gateways really are the "gateway" to the unified communications world. Because the devices are used in place of the ISDN trunk line and route calls via the SIP provider. The existing telecommunications infrastructure neither has to be expanded nor modified. At the same time, it is possible to replace old ISDN phones with IP phones or soft clients – keyword 'soft migration'.

Your existing infrastructure can continue to be used with the advantages of the SIP provider. Here it is possible to completely replace your ISDN-S0 trunk line (BRI) or your S2M trunk line (PRI) with SIP or to use both connections in parallel (during the transition period). The possibility of using ISDN and SIP simultaneously by means of a fallback mechanism excludes all risks. Our application workshop, located in the download section of the related product, guides you step-by-step to your solution.
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