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Spam is a Thing of the Past: Secure and Professional Spam Protection with extended RPD Technology


The propagation of spam mails is still on the advance. The spam level (= number of spam mails / number of all e-mails) averaged 80% in 2007 and at the beginning of Q4/2007 exceeded the all-time high of 96%.

The productivity loss caused is becoming increasingly expensive for companies. But the use of conventional spam detection techniques usually gives rise to new problems, caused by erroneous identification, because real e-mails are not infrequently identified as spam and end up in the spam folder without being read. Ideally there is secure spam protection with top detection rates without constant erroneous identification, which analyzes all e-mails before arriving in your company network.


In contrast to conventional spam filters, the optional RPD Commtouch Engine in the  packetalarm UTM systems does not only analyse the content of incoming mails with heuristic methods, but additionally considers the frequency of occurrence of an e-mail. The central detection center monitors worldwide e-mail traffic on the Internet and determines in real-time how frequently an e-mail occurs worldwide.

This technology also makes it possible to reliably identify spam e-mails centrally, independent of the language, contents, and sender, even before they can reach the internal network. The packetalarm UTM systems therefore allow optimal, cost-saving and secure spam protection with extremely high spam detection rates (>97%) and almost without any "false positives" (erroneous detection rates), because the content of the e-mail is not evaluated, only the pure frequency of occurrence.
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