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Public Internet Access via WLAN HotSpot – legally compliant


Whether in hotels, hospitals, residential homes, cafés, conference facilities, public buildings or at railway stations and airports: Today, the provision of public Internet access (WLAN HotSpot), free of charge or fee based service, represents attractive added value for your customers helping you stand out above the competition.

Private laptops, tablet PCs or smartphones are not only becoming cheaper, but today also almost exclusively come equipped with Wireless LAN. WLAN, thanks to its higher transmission rates and simpler configuration, is a widespread, powerful and attractive platform for mobile Internet access.

Expand your service – Internet access for your customer is always a plus point!


The bintec HotSpot solution, i.e. mobile Internet access, typically consists of a locally installed bintec RS232bw, which serves as a HotSpot gateway. To satisfy legal requirements, the solution is supplemented with a central unit, the bintec HotSpot server that automatically manages the Internet access of the gateway. The HotSpot server takes over administration of the HotSpot participants and stores all data.

As the operator of this HotSpot solution, you rent the HotSpot server from a service provider and you neither need to service nor configure it. This solution offers economic advantages to small and mediumsized HotSpot installations and requires very little technical expertise from the operator. The HotSpot server is located in a modern high availability computing center connected to the Internet via redundant data links.

The HotSpot tickets can be created using an Internet-capable PC with printer. The operator uses this PC to access the HotSpot server and to create tickets, print, create and delete accounts, etc.
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