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Hotel Functionality Free of Charge


Smaller hotels often avoid investing in an expensive hotel program for checking guests in/out, for billing telephone data or for the room status. However, to prevent misuse, it is imperative to switch authorization for the room phone when checking in and checking out. In addition, it should also be possible to print out the telephone charges incurred on checking out. Many guests also expect that they can alternatively set their wake-up request themselves via the room phone, whereby international guest necessitate a multilingual service.


Hotel functions are integrated both in elmeg ICT, as well as in elmeg T484.

The guest is checked in on arrival on the reception phone (system phone). This activates the room phone for outward calls. On checkout the phone is blocked for outward calls (internal calls are still possible). The charges incurred are now printed out via a serial printer (only for elmeg ICT) and are then deleted.
The wake-up alarm function can not only be controlled centrally via the reception, but also from each room phone: The guest selects the wake-up alarm function and enters his individual wake-up time. One or more wake-up messages stored in the PBX can then be selected. The duration of the wake-up call and the number of repetitions can also be set.