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With the introduction of the performance-oriented flat-rate remuneration system based on the DRGs (Diagnosis- Related Groups) in hospitals, remuneration is only granted for those medical measures that have been recorded for the individual patient in the HIS (Hospital Information System).

For this reason, the rendered medical services need to be recorded in the HIS in real time, if possible. However, this is only possible if the data is entered directly during the medical ward or shortly after the examination.


The solutions are mobile ward and digital patient file. The installation of a wireless LAN infrastructure allows the capturing of patient data at any place and time. Further advantages of a WLAN are e.g. that patients can be provided with Internet access and that mobile end devices (e.g. x-ray devices) can be connected. The access point bintec W1003n, bintec W2003n, bintec W2003n-ext und bintec W2003ac of bintec elmeg GmbH have been specially licensed for the use in medical institutions.

The EN 60601-1-2 certificate attests the access points’ electromagnetic compliance (EMC), necessary for the use in medical institutions. This makes sure that sensitive medical diagnostic equipment is not affected and continues to deliver reliable measurement results. To ensure maximum security, different access, security, and encryption settings are available.
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