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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with hybird and the ESTOS CTI server


Every telephone system will eventually start to show its age. The old system may no longer be able to fulfil requirements such as connecting branch locations and home offices to the system, migrating to promising VoIP technology, or adding additional extensions. When acquiring a new telephone system, a seamless and costeffective migration to future-proof technology is desirable. Usability and presence management, which provides real-time information on the availability of co-workers, are key considerations here. The new communication system needs to be able to seamlessly integrate into the company’s communication environment.


The elmeg hybird 300 and 600 are scalable VoIP telephone systems that can be expanded using conventional analog and ISDN technology. These hybrid, modular, and scalable centralized systems consequently allow companies to migrate smoothly and gently to the future of telephony.
The elmeg 300 and 600 business telephone systems are designed for use at SMEs with as many as 100 subscribers. The TAPI interface and 3rd-party CTI server from ESTOS allow companies to integrate telephony with their business applications.

This solution makes presence management, text messaging, and comprehensive call journal features affordable. Dialing from within a wide range of PC applications and call pick-up functionality quickly establish themselves as the new norm. Companies can integrate various groupware solutions such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Tobit‘s David. LDAP servers are used to establish links to databases as well as CRM and ERP systems. All available information about the incoming caller is on screen from the very first ring.

Even with all of these features, it no longer makes any difference whether users are communicating from their home offices, from a branch location, or directly from corporate headquarters. This type of solution considerably improves and simplifies workflows for companies.

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